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REAL Paper Street Soap Co. Soaps


Soap . . . I make and I sell soap.

Professionally made soaps available by the bar. Fill up an entire briefcase!


• Gently remove trace gunpowder from your fingers.


• Wash your feminine side clean off.


• Works great on blood stains.


Now you too can sell rich women their own fat asses back to them!

Each handcrafted bar has been replicated to perfection and screen matched to the soaps Tyler Durden carries around in his briefcase. The actual aromas shown on the label incorporated into their fragrance and contain up to 14 different ingredients!

I offer a combined shipping discount: No added shipping charges for each additional soap ordered. If you would like to order enough to fill a briefcase (24 soaps) contact me for bulk pricing.

Buy all 3 and get this bonus Fight Club soap in translucent pink for FREE!

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